Type 2 Diabetes Teaching Plan

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Type 2 Diabetes Teaching Plan In order to create change healthcare providers must work together to educate their communities. According to a study found that Type 2 Diabetes is the highest among all Hispanic/Latino groups in which 16.9 percent for both men and ladies, contrasted with 10.2 percent for non-Hispanic whites. It is evident communities are not being educated on preventing Type 2 Diabetes and their risks (American Diabetes Association, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the summary of the teaching plan, epidemiological rationale for topic, evaluation of teaching experience, community response to teaching, areas of strengths and areas of improvement. Summary of Teaching Plan Within the teaching plan it is important to incorporate all the aspects of Type 2 Diabetes prevention. To know the history of Type 2 Diabetes it is vital that everyone in the community knows the past struggles of this condition and the efforts that have been made to treat and prevent Type 2 Diabetes. In like matter, the inclusion of Type 2 Diabetes overview is presented, which includes the process of the pancreas that release’s insulin to the bloodstream to help decrease blood sugar levels. Overtime the increased blood sugar levels lead to other health complications, such as eye, kidneys, nerves, and heart problems. Moreover, the presentation presents with the risk factors to Type 2 Diabetes, which includes family history of diabetes, being overweight, unhealthy diet, physical
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