Type 2 Diabetic Variants

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Obesity is a disorder caused by an imbalance between the energy consumed as food and the energy used by our

body. Unused energy is turned into fat that leads to increased sugar levels in our body. The blood sugar level is

kept within a narrow range by the pancreas. A person whose pancreas fails to keep blood sugar levels under

control is called diabetic. The long term effects of diabetes include circulatory problems, eye disease and increased

rates of infections that pose a threat to the New Zealand health system.

Type 2 diabetes is a heterogeneous disorder, once called non-insulin-dependent. It is the result of your body not

creating enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels normal. While our body is made to process high sugar
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Professor Merriman says genes are a major part of the explanation as

to why someone people are obese and aren’t, with 60-70% of the inter-individual variation in weight.

“These genetic variants, because they are inherited at conception, define biological causes of obesity.

Many of these genetic variants have been identified - they highlight inadequate satiety signals and

energy balance as important biological drivers of obesity.”People who have inherited a greater

proportion of obesity-predisposing genetic variants need to exercise more conscious effort to remain

lean in an obesogenic environment (i.e. to feel hungry in the presence of abundant food) than that

required by a naturally lean person, he says. Without the proper information given out on obesity and

without the backup from the government obesity will continue to increase at a rapid rate. Furthermore,

physical activity has been limited largely to sports and gyms, whereas in the past it was integrated into

our day to day activities.

When the food and sugar we consume increase beyond the healthy limits, obesity and diabetes may

result. Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes and obesity are highly interlinked. A study conducted
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