Type Essay Outline: The Teenager Was Sad?

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Name: Sim Dane Raga
Date: 9-17-15
Period: 2
Outline: The Teenager was Sad?
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Type Essay Here: The night was filled with heat and the sound of crackling flames and all he could do was feel everything he had worked hard for and loved crumble before him with three simple words: “I don’t know.” Memories flashed through his mind and pierced him like daggers, filling him with pain. He shook and was in total disbelief to the fact that he had just lost his world, his purpose in living. He felt like his whole future was gone like the people he had forgotten and ignored and pushed away in his overzealous and obsessive belief in what he thought was his life’s purpose or the years he had spent with her. The years he had spent for her. So overwhelmed with what had just happened, he fell to his knees and sorrow fell from his eyes.
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He couldn’t stop hurting even if he wanted to. He felt, no he knew he deserved it. A pit developed in his stomach and throughout his whole body he felt this all affecting him. It was ruining him, and he had no one to blame but himself. He regretted what he had done. Pushed her away, became too controlling, and brought things to a full circle. He had put her into a relationship like the one she had that she also had to end. End. Everything has an end.

The overflow of tears came to subside but the his pain did not. He continued waking every morning feeling sick with all that he is, all he has done, and all that he might be, and questioning if there is any hope for him. He had been hit hard with truth and he kept feeling as if he had collided with a car. Like the great Roman Empire or the Dynasties of China. The Rules of kings and the feeling of happiness. Nothing lasts forever, but he felt like he would feel like this for an
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