Type I Diabetes: A Literature Review

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Studies have shown that healthcare professionals tend to overestimate problems in children and a parent, so using the standardized questionnaires increases the efficacy of their diagnosis and the additional psychosocial support each may need. Furthermore, Symons, Crawford, Isaac, & Thompson (2015) findings suggest how to improve healthcare professionals understanding of the impact on families living with a child diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. The study gives recognition to parents of children diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and provides them an opportunity for them to voice their experiences and convey the challenges and struggles while caring for their child that is diagnosed with this condition. The study also suggests, that it is important to take…show more content…
The literatures highlights the importance of healthcare professionals acknowledging the psychosocial impact of living with a child that is diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and how parents also need support and recognition of the impact the diagnosis has on their family. While the research presented in this article supports the author’s theory of how Type I Diabetes affects the lives of the parents living with children who are diagnosed with the disease, there are also limitations to this study. The study uses a small size and a limited geographical region from which the participants were drawn. The participants in this study also do not adequately represent diversity in socioeconomic status or ethnicity (Symons, Crawford, Isaac, & Thompson, 2015).
Lindström, et. al., aims to describe how mothers of children with Type I Diabetes experience burnout due to their whole life revolving around their child’s diagnosis. The participants in this study were twenty-one mothers of children with Type I Diabetes that were experiencing burnout. The mothers were recruited
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