Type I and Type Ii Errors and Land Law

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AGUILAR, Janica Mara Y. BERBOSO, Kevin Leo C. CAYUBE, Katherine Kate Z. Prof. Ria Sagum Advisor PHILEX: Philippine Land Law Expert Chatbot Abstract Keywords: Chatbot, Natural Language Processing (NLP), First-Order Predicate Logic, Natural Language Generation (NLG), Precision and Recall The researchers tend to work on an expert system with integration of Philippine land laws. They chose to focus on land laws since one of the major problems of the Filipinos who seek law experts’ advice are due to land. The researchers deliberates the possible ways on how can they share knowledge and guidance that works like a real lawyer advising a client but have not taking an account to replace to seek a real land law experts…show more content…
This study also intends to identify the evaluation of the experts when it comes to system’s user-friendliness, speed of response, and completeness. Five (5) land law experts chose twenty (20) test questions used to assess the system’s competency. Conclusion made by the experts based on the results is PHILEX, being the system for giving answers to user’s questions pertaining to Philipine land laws, is acceptable as a reliable source of knowledge and guidance without intending to replace the professional practitioners. The system got an overall percentage in terms of accuracy, a 75%, specificity with the percentage rate of 55% and sensitivity with 80.8%. Summing up the scores in terms of user-friendliness, speed of response, and completeness resulted to an overall weighted mean of 4.36, 4.32, and 4.16 respectively, interprets that the system as an acceptable tool for land law consulations. In the future, the authors would like to extend their work and knowledge by making the system possible to access by everyone through web or what we called “web-base application” CARLOS, Philip P. RAMOS, Joseph R. ROSARIO, Roderick M. TAMBUNGUI, Gian Paolo C. Prof. Michael B. Dela Fuente Advisor CIVIA: College of Computer Management and Information Technology Interactive Virtual Information Assistant Abstract Keywords: information assistant,

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