Type Two Diabetes Epidemic An Issue For The Pacifica Community

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Type 2 diabetes Why is having type two diabetes epidemic an issue for the pacifica community? Type two diabetes is a huge problem in the pacifica institution, as early studies have shown that while diabetes was virtually non-existent in populations aboriginal to the Pacific, maintaining a traditional lifestyle, this position was true for the metropolitan pacific population. Statistics show that over time type two diabetes prevalence has rapidly increased indigenously over time within the pacifica community. There was also epidemiological evidence which indicates that prevalence is generally lowest in traditional Pacific environment 's or in other words type two diabetes is most commonly found within the pacifica community this is because of two main reasons which are genetics and lifestyle. It is proven that Pacific people experience greater morbidity and more complications than white people diagnosed with type two diabetes. Genetic factor alone cannot yet prove or explain reasons to these patterns or as to why pacifica people diagnosed with type two diabetes suffer more , or a more likely to have type two diabetes than white people. Which are also due to rapid changes in lifestyle and risk factors, such as unhealthy diets, obesity and physical inactivity that have become widespread within the region. We now know that type two diabetes epidemic is a big risk factor for our pacifica community, this leads to bad health habits and issues which means genetically this could be

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