Type Two Diabetes Mellitus Or Non Insulin Dependent

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Type two diabetes mellitus or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is a disease state characterized by hyperglycemia or high levels of blood glucose. This can cause a variety of symptoms such as excessive urination or excessive thirst as the kidneys try to get rid of the excess sugar.. What distinguishes type two diabetes from type one diabetes is that a person with type two diabetes is not insulin dependent. Often times, there are decreased to normal levels of insulin detected in the bloodstream of humans with type two diabetes. The reason diabetes is developed is due to insulin insensitivity or a decrease in insulin production by the beta cells in the pancreas. Usually, patients with type two diabetes exhibit both insulin insensitivity and decreased insulin production. When the body does not react to insulin or when insulin levels are too low, sugar in the blood cannot be used effectively to create anabolic products such as glycogen, and it cannot be used as fuel because the glycolysis pathway is not activated. The high glucose levels that are then left in the bloodstream can cause blood to become very viscous and lead to many vascular diseases. If diabetes type 2 is not treated, then a number of problems arise such as numbing of the extremities, poor wound healing and decreased neurological function. Renal failure may also result as the kidney overworks itself to get rid of the excess sugar. Diabetes patients are also at risk of dehydration as they constantly

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