Types And Differences Between Universal Studio And Nintendo

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Types of Innovation Universal Studio and Nintendo are two giants in the entertainment industry. Universal already has many theme parks. But a partnership with Nintendo will increase their offerings and improve value. This is a profit model innovation since fans of Nintendo games will have the added experience of the fun, whimsy and adventure of the video games as they come to life. Nintendo will turn the value of their video games, in partnership with the Universal’s creative depiction of characters, their stories and technology, and be able to make a profit. Additionally, the network created between Universal and Nintendo will increase value. This is so because Nintendo’s partnership with Universal Studio assists them to take advantage of…show more content…
Each of the partners has their own talent and asset. If these talents and assets are aligned appropriately, then the uniqueness that each side brings will create additional value. Nintendo is well-known gaming company that is loved by all ages and has compelling gaming characters. On the other hand, Universal Studio has a higher capability when it comes to technology and creativity teams for theme parks. The proper alignment of these talents will indeed help the two companies reap greater value (Keeley et al., 2013). There is also a product system innovation. The two companies offer distinct products which when combined provide a more scalable product system. The bundling up of the Nintendo gaming characters with Universal theme parks will offer a product with more value. Such a partnership will open doors to significantly innovative theme park riding technology and immersive experiences of which both companies are famous…show more content…
Some of the strategies that can be applied include inviting all stakeholders to join the quest for new ideas, involving the theme park customers in the exercise of generating new ideas, involving suppliers and benchmarking the methods of idea creation. First, the appreciation of various stakeholders in the idea generating process will mean that the company has to empower its employees. Employees will act as the link between the end-consumer and the internal organizational operations. The management will have to rely on the advice given by their lower level employees who frequently engage with the customers. The top management should not participate in new product developments unless they are part of the customer-interaction team. Seeking ideas from customers is better than brainstorming sessions. Nintendo and Universal could develop focus groups or groups of advisory boards formed by key customers. These key customers could be a demographic of individuals who buy latest product offerings or are a loyal fan base. Additionally, vendors are key since the company too is a customer to the supplier and they can offer a different perspective. It ensures that the chain is complete and the supplier would feel like part of the business’ success story (Tucker,
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