Types And Forms Of Communication Essay

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Communications skills are fundamental to any person’s life because naturally, man is a social being and people spend most of their time communicating in different forms such as; oral, non-verbal, written and interpersonal. Most successful people are those who are good at interacting with other people in different situations. The ability to skilfully interact with people is grounded in a person’s unwavering skills in the different forms of communication. Therefore, it is important for students to appreciate should and develop good communication skills.
Types and Forms of Communication
Having appreciated the importance of communication in different contexts, it is imperative to understand the different forms or categories of communication, in which people engage in. This is because these different forms of communication demand unique sets of skills or tactics.
• Oral Communication: this involves exchange of messages or information using spoken words and is commonly referred to as communication by word of mouth. This occurs in different interaction set ups such as meetings, talks, discussions, presentations, interviews, speeches and so on.
• Written Communication: this form of communication entails the creation of a ‘hard copy’ of the message or simply written messages or words in the form of business letters, reports, research papers, articles, note taking etc.
• Non-Verbal Communication: this is the wordless form of communication which takes the form
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