Types And Health Benefits Of The Red Wine

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Red wine is controversially associated with heart disease; specifically consuming red wine is thought to decrease the incidence of heart disease, among other recently emerging hypothesized health benefits. Although, to date this information is not scientifically proven, consumers enjoy a glass of wine with the assumed benefits of heart health. Despite many being unaware of the exact mechanisms behind this concept, it is a seemingly popular trend to associate red wine consumption with health benefits. Exactly what in red wine causes this health benefit? Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a component present due to the grapes used to create red wines. It has many specific properties that allow wine to possess the beneficial traits necessary to …show more content…
(Tang et. al, 2014) Humans consume the highest amounts of resveratrol from grape derived products, such as grape juice and wine due to the end product of processing grapes containing this functional compound. (Stervbo & Bonnesen , 2007) Resveratrol is commonly found in the berries of the vaccinum family. This family includes grapes, cranberries and blueberries. (Higdon & Steward, 2008) The skin of the berry, or in the case of wine, grape, is the portion of the fruit that contains the resveratrol. (Higdon & Steward, 2008) Amount of resveratrol present in a substance depends on multiple variables such as geographic origin of the grape, grape cultivar, and amount of exposure to fungal infection. (Higdon & Steward, 2008) Due to the location of resveratrol in grape skins, the amount of fermentation time in contact with skin directly impacts the level of resveratrol in a specific wine. (Higdon & Steward, 2008) Figure 1 highlights the total resveratrol contents in specified wines and grape juices.

Figure 1
Total Resveratrol Content of Wines and Grape Juice (3, 99, 100)

Beverage Total resveratrol (mg/liter) Total resveratrol in a 5-oz glass (mg)
White wines (Spanish) 0.05-1.80 0.01-0.27
Rosé wines (Spanish) 0.43-3.52 0.06-0.53
Red wines (Spanish) 1.92-12.59 0.29-1.89
Red wines (global) 1.98-7.13 0.30-1.07
Red grape juice (Spanish) 1.14-8.69 0.17-1.30
(Higdon & Steward, 2008) A review of resveratrol which reports varying levels in specific wines may help
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