Types And Purpose Of Group

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Type and Purpose of Group For my small group observation, I was able to observe a session located in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. My field placement is at Marshall I. Pickens psychiatric hospital. The purpose of the group was for individual to meet and discuss their problems within an open therapeutic setting. Location and physical environment of Group The location of the group session was located in Greenville South Carolina. The group session met on the North Wing unit within the Marshall I. Pickens psychiatric department. The physical environment of the group session was in a small class room setting that had a dry erase board and chairs. There were mental health resources such as pamphlets located on a display in front of…show more content…
Group Characteristics and Group Dynamics The group characteristics consisted of patients with different backgrounds, cultures and values. Patients who attended group sessions possessed a mental health diagnosis, some patients primary diagnosis was comorbid with secondary diagnosis. Composition of Group These group sessions consisted of patients who were receiving inpatient treatment. These patients were given priority access to the group sessions. The reason why these patients were given priority access is because they have the mental capacity to contribute to the session and the ability to engage effectively with other patients within group. Certain patients who were located on the geriatric unit had the ability to attend group sessions however they would be accompanied by a health care tech. Patients who were placed on the inpatient intensive management unit were not able to attend the group sessions because they possessed a severe mental health diagnosis. The age range of individuals who attend the group sessions were from 18 years old to 65 years of age. The numbers of individuals who attended each group session ranged from 5 patients to 18 patients. The dynamics of the group consisted of patients who have the freedom to share their beliefs of the topic in discussion. Patients also had the liberty of attending the group or remaining in their rooms. Patients came from different
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