Types And Purposes Of Assessment

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Types and Purposes of Assessment. EDEL/SC650 - Assessment of Learning. Regis University Brian Sky Introduction. The use of assessments, have often focused solely to benefit the teacher. Data gathered served to expose areas were the teacher might need improvement, to adjust instruction, to re-teach certain lessons, or to stop using a program that is not working. All of this is a practical and important part of assessment. However, recent research has shown that this focus has been leaving out a critical element, namely; the students who have been the recipients of that teacher’s instruction, and assessment. This paper will discuss the work of Chappuis, et el, and others concerning the purposes, and types, of assessments, and their impact on curriculum and instruction, while giving some anecdotal example of the use of assessments for learning, and assessments of learning. Purposes of Assessments. The big question that education professionals continue to ask pertains to the purpose of assessments. Attach to this question is one that asks about the value of assessments. In Classroom Assessment for Student Learning. Doing it right - Using it Well, by, Chappuis, et el, the authors are calling for a new understanding and application of assessment which is reflected in what these authors call, “a balanced assessment.” Included in the structure of a balanced assessment system are five Keys, whose goal is to; “ . . . improve student learning.” (Chappuis, et el,
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