Types, Causes and Measures of Violent Crimes in Bangladesh

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Types, causes and measures of violent crimes in Bangladesh
Course: SOC 101 Section: 09 Faculty: TZf

Members of GROUP D:

NAME Tahasin Ali Md. Forhad Ammed Md. Kawsher Alom M. Akhtarul Huda Md. Eliyas Shehan

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Date of Submission: 4thDecember 2010


Definition: A crime is any offence against public law. This term in general includes all offences whether they are violent or not. A violent crime is an offence in which the offender uses or threatens violent force upon victim. These crimes can be crimes with or without weapons. Relevant literature: Violent crime in Bangladesh is present in many forms including
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Research strategy: Many research for various purposes. However the main purpose of our research is to discover answer through questioning people. We get all our question answers by a survey. We applied mixed strategy as our research method. It is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research strategy. Sampling method: There are many types of sampling methods. Here We have applied the convenient method. We applied the survey to the most convenient people for us, ei, the people in north south university. Sample: The target people for our research are young generation, who are in higher education, specifically North South University students. Our target sample are aged between 18-25.

Convenience strategy is used most of the time in experimental researches, even in strong experimental researches. As our primary purpose was to make experimental statements about violent crimes, its causes and effects we choose the convenient sampling strategy.

Data collection tool: Questionnaire is the only tool for our research. We had 17 questions in our questionnaire with only two open-ending questions and the rest were all close-ending questions. The questionnaire was filled up by the target people. We had given them enough time to express their opinion in the open-ending questions. One blank questionnaire of our research is provided below:

Research Questionnaire of Group-D 1. How serious do you think is the crime

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