Types Of Alcoholism : Which One Are You?

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rehabcenter.net - guide - Types of Alcoholism – Which One Are You? If you suffer from an addiction to alcohol, you may be surprised at how different your experience was than what you were expecting. Television, movies, literature, and various other forms of entertainment have bred a cliché version of alcoholism that rarely, if ever, matches up with reality. Everybody 's addiction is different and they can 't be treated in the same way across the board. However, alcoholism has been broken down into five different subtypes which group people together based on various factors, including their age, their behaviors, and the severity of their addiction. Before you can successfully recover from addiction, you need to understand which group you fall under, where your addiction may stem from, and what you can do to combat it. Identifying The Subtypes In 2007, the National Institutes Of Health, led by Dr. Howard B. Moss, the Associate Director for Clinical and Translational Research at NIAAA, released a report that identified five different types of alcoholism among the population. Their mission with their report was to help break the myth that alcohol addiction was a problem that only affected certain people in certain ways. "Our findings should help dispel the popular notion of the ‘typical alcoholic,’” Moss said in his report. . “We find that young adults comprise the largest group of alcoholics in this country, and nearly 20 percent of alcoholics are highly functional and
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