Types Of Alternative Birth Practices

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Types of Alternative Birth Practices and Their Benefits: There are many different methods, practices, and environments that can be utilized during the birth experience that fall outside the realm of ‘traditional birth’ and offerings of a hospital. Most alternatives occur during home births with the presence and guidance of a midwife. There are pros and cons to all options, but I think that women are now finding that there are more pro’s to home births than we are initially led to believe, leading to an increase in the number of women choosing home birth as their method. Home birth offers women the ability to completely control their surroundings and go through their labor in a familiar and relaxing environment. It allows women to be…show more content…
This offering can be found through a birthing clinic. Historically, the mortality rate of women and infants has been quite high, and as we progress with medical discovery, and access to doctors, medicine, and facilities, the mortality rate has gone down exponentially. Birth can be a dangerous experience and many people feel that it is important to be in a clinical setting for that very reason. Birthing clinics offer the best of both experiences. They serve as an in between option, incorporating the coziness and control of a homebirth with quick access to medical tools and professionals. These facilities tend to offer a private room, similar to a home, or hotel bedroom with various seating and laying options. They also generally have a heated tub located near the bed, for water birthing options, or just relaxation for the mother in labor. What makes this experience different from a home birth is that the room is generally located in a house or building with multiple rooms of the same nature, for other women to use for their own births. These facilities are typically overseen by doctors, either present or on-call, certified nurse-midwives, and regular midwives. Many times the services of doulas are also offered. This personalizes the experience, because women are working individually with a specific midwife or doula during their labor and
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