Types Of Antibacterial Resistance, Why Pharmaceutical Companies Aren 't Researching New Antibiotics

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Have you ever had an infection before? Particularly, a bacterial infection. Millions of people are infected by means of bacteria per year in the United States alone (CDC 2017). At least two million of those residents are infected by bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotics that are currently on the market (CDC 2017). Bacterial infections are not the leading cause of mortality in the United States, but I believe that there is a need for a change in the way that the United States looks at antimicrobial research (CDC 2017). In this paper I will discuss the modes of antibacterial resistance, why pharmaceutical companies aren’t researching new antibiotics, and why this is an important global issue. There are a few ways that bacteria can…show more content…
Many people believe and fight for anti-biotics from their physician because they believe that anti-biotics will cure every illness that they have. My step-mother is one of those people. Many people do not realize that anti-biotics only kill bacteria, and many illness like the common cold, the flu, and sometimes even bronchitis are caused by viruses. Anti-biotics cannot kill a virus. So instead of getting rid of the virus that is infecting them, the normal flora of bacteria that is in their bodies are being killed, making them feel even worse (Fox, Linder, Doctor 2017). Another way that anti-biotic resistance is spreading through the prescription of the drugs is that people do not take all of the pills that are prescribed (Vrentas 2016). Usually people start to feel better halfway through the dosage of the anti-biotics, so they think that it is okay to stop taking the pills (Vrentas 2016). That is not the case. If the pack is not taken entirely then there are most likely still bacteria in the person’s body from the infection (Vrentas 2016). Survival of the fittest comes into play, and the bacteria that have lasted longer than all of the others have a slight genetic variation in their genome that allows them to be better at fighting the drug the next time (Vrentas 2016). These stronger bacteria are also the bacteria that are going to grow and reproduce within the body

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