Types Of Any Wireless Communication System

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A microstrip antenna consists of conducting patch and a ground plane separated by dielectric substrate. The early work of Munson on microstrip antennas for use as a low profile flush mounted antennas on rockets and missiles showed that this was a practical concept for use in many antenna system problems. Different mathematical models were developed for this antenna and its applications were extended to many other fields. The number of articles published in the journal papers for the last ten years. The microstrip antennas are the first antenna designer’s choice. Low dielectric constant substrates are generally preferred for maximum radiation. The conducting patch can have many shape but rectangular and circular configurations are the most commonly used configuration. A microstrip antenna is characterized by its length parameter, width parameter, input impedance, and gain and radiation patterns. Various performance parameters, mathematical calculation and Microstrip feeding technique will be discussed further through this chapter. Antennas are key components of any wireless communication system and it is a device that provides a way for radiation or receiving electromagnetic waves. IEEE standard definitions for antenna (IEEE Std 145-1983) defines antenna as a means for radiating or receiving radio wave. Figure 3.1 shows an antenna as transition device. The arrows displayed in Figure 3.1 shows the electric field lines
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