Types Of Attacks On A Computer System

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Different Types of Attacks on Computer Systems What is attack on a Computer Systems? Attack on a systems or network is defined on your network infrastructure. Attacker will first analyse network environment and collect information in order to take advantage of the existing open ports or vulnerabilities. It may include unauthorized access to company’s resources. Passive attack - In some cases, the purpose of attack is only to learn and get some information from your computer system and your computer system resources are not manipulated or disabled in any way, then it is called Passive attack. And it is hard to detect that someone is monitoring you because you will not see any changes in your system. Active attack - Active attack occurs where the attacker accesses and either alters, disables or destroys your information or data. Attack can be happened either from outside of the organization means Outside Attack or someone from within the company who is an "insider" that already has access to the network which is called Inside Attack. Some of the attacks will be attacks targeting the end-users like Phishing or Social Engineering, those are usually not directly called as network attacks. Methods of attacks These are the methods that can be used to make an attack on a computer system. Distributed attack - A distributed attack are very strategic attacks. It requires particular code such as a Trojan horse or back-door program, to a trusted software that so, with that
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