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Types of Bridges On the basis o life bridges are classified in to two categories :
1) Temporary Bridges
2) Permanent Bridges

Temporary Bridges
The bridges which can be constructed as well as maintained at low cost and have short span of useful life are known as low cost or temporary bridges.
These bridges are usually made of timber. But they may also be constructed of steel wire, old telegraph posts, hemp rope ,old rails etc. the useful lif of temporary bridges may be taken as 10 years.
Necessity of constructing temporary Bridges:-
a) When there is shortage of funds.
b) When there is shortage of time.
c) When there is lack of resource and skill.
d) When repair of permanent bridges are to be carried out.
e) When the construction of permanent bridges is to be facilitated.
f) When project surveys , in the interior of a stream or river , are to be carried out.
g) When there is temporary need of crossing the stream or river.

Advantages and Disadvantages of temporary Bridges

1) The initial cost of these bridges is low.
2) The bridges are simple in there structural form and can, therefore , be easily designed.
3) The bridges can be easily constructed.
4) The bridges require less skill in their construction.
5) The bridges require light or no machinery in their construction.
6) These bridges less time in their construction and thus can be easily constructed in case of emergency.
7) These bridges can be maintained at low cost.
8) These bridges are most suitable in case of…

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