Types Of Checklist For A Checklist

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Checklists can be organized in any number of ways and are chosen to meet the specific needs of the task at hand, serve to minimize time and cost, maximize profit, ensure customer satisfaction, and provide meaningful metrics. Some of the more popular ways to organize a checklist are discussed below:
Ordered List: This type of checklist is a list of tasks needed to be accomplished in a particular order. Usually the checklist is numbered, starting at the first task or step, and proceeding to the last task or step, in increasing numerical order. For example, an order process has ten steps, numbered 1 through 10, starting with the order form (#1) and ending with the customer 's signature (#10) on the form. The ordered list ensures correct and
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As each item in the list is counted, the count is written next to the listed item; (2) a bill of lading from a trucker would be a checklist itemizing all the items being delivered. As each item is received, counted and inspected, the item on the list is checked off; (3) a procedure checklist is a listing of steps/tasks to take to complete an operation (such as a sales order). The use of a checklist ensures accuracy, accountability, completeness, and efficiency.
The point to using checklists in business is to plan intelligently, market effectively, operate productively, manage efficiently, and make a profit. Through the combination of different types of checklists, used in all the functional areas of the business, a successful and profitable enterprise can result. Let 's take a look at the specifics:
• Intelligent planning uses an ordered checklist to conduct the planning sessions, and develops prioritized, itemized checklists for the plans and goals.
• Marketing involves prioritized, itemized checklists to help achieve their goals, and ordered lists to carry out the marketing plans on a day-to-day basis. Checklists are used to measure the results of the marketing work.
• Operations uses ordered checklists to accomplish the many tasks that are part of daily, weekly, monthly or other operations. Itemized checklists are used alongside ordered checklists, to address inventory, parts lists, or options.
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