Types Of Christian Ethics By H.richard Niebuhr

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V According to Stassen, Christ and Culture is the most read and least criticized of the works of H. Richard Niebuhr. Teachers use it as a clear typology of varieties of Christian faith more than as a constructive argument for a particular approach to Christian ethics. Yoder, Yeager, and Stassen offer three critical readings of Niebuhr’s understanding of the relation of faith to social justice, and offer their own perspectives on the common topic.

I. Types of Christian Ethics by H.Richard Niebuhr 1. Various Ways of Typing Christian Ethics V No absolute types of Christian morality can be discerned, but there are various points of view from which the individual historical phenomena can be analyzed and classified (17). That is, even under the overarching umbrella of Christian ethics, a discrepant set of ethical types of a Christian community can be identified, based on what sort of variables are put into correlation to the community’s ethical values. The diverse variables are different levels of the reality of human experience; they, hence, are to be dealt with separately.

2. Theological Types of Christian Ethics We can construct and reconstruct Christian ethical types with the variable of Christian faith, just as we use other variables. History witnesses in Christian traditions that different ethical norms within the traditions are created based on their varying understandings of the correlation between God revealed in Jesus Christ and God revealed in

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