Types Of Client Care Delivery Systems

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There are four official types of client care delivery systems in nursing. These systems regulate when and how client care is done and assignment of specific jobs to different nurses. Not only do these systems provide an outline for how care is to be given, but they specify who is responsible for giving, or not giving, certain care to a patient. The four systems of client care delivery are functional nursing, team nursing, are total patient care nursing, and primary nursing. Another care delivery system is functional nursing. In this system, specific tasks are assigned to different nurse depending on their skills and their licensed skill set. The idea behind functional nursing is that every task will be carried out by a specialist assigned just to that particular task. In this task, both RNs and nurse aides are utilized. One benefit of functional nursing is that CNAs can only do certain tasks that they are skilled to do. Because of this, they perform these tasks often and increase the speed in which they are capable of doing them. This allows tasks to be completed faster, because each member of the care team takes care of specific care tasks, allowing care to be given quickly and efficiently. Due to this, there are also fewer RNs required to perform care, resulting in an overall more cost-efficient system. A disadvantage of this care system is that relationships with patients become detached and clinical, because care is performed by multiple nurses. This type of
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