Types Of Construction Artificial Intelligence

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Many people today are excited at the thought of machines that can work as if they were human. Pure fascination is driven by the idea of technology that is far beyond the average person’s mind. This intelligence being created can do monotonous jobs significantly faster than the average worker, go places that are hard to reach, and think better and faster compared to humans. Businesses are thrilled at the prospect of cutting down on their biggest cost, labor, and getting jobs done quickly and more efficiently. But for the common, middle-class, blue-collar worker, it could mean a loss of wages and a forced cross training into another field. In the wake of this extraordinary Artificial Intelligence within the construction industry, there are winners and losers.
Types of Construction Artificial Intelligence Within the construction industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is beginning to take jobsites by storm. If someone were to walk onto a jobsite today, someone in that location would be using AI. Current uses of AI today span from mobile technology that supervision uses to man a jobsite to an actual robot pouring concrete or welding a pipe. With the technology improvements being made daily, there will be a day few people will consist of the workforce on the job, and the rest will be some sort of robotics. Among the Artificial Intelligence being used or that will be the future are: Drones/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), SAM (Semi-Automated Mason), robotic welding, Autonomous TMA
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