Types Of Cosmetic Surgery And How They Are Affected By Body Image

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The Types of Cosmetic Surgery and How They Are Affected by Body Image
Studies have shown that, 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2012. “As cosmetic economic indicators such as auto, retail, and home sales saw gains in 2012 – so too did plastic surgery” ( This statistic has proved that across the United States people are being affected with the opinion and views formed based off of Body Image. Throughout the years, the ideas of body image have changed based off of people’s personal desires on what they should look like or on “trend”. Women, children, and even men base their body image on what society believes is ideal. In some years, society might believe that a small waist and a thin frame might be the perfect body image. In others, the curvier frame would be the ideal body image. People have gone down the path of cosmetic surgery in order to meet their needs and desires for what they believe are the “perfect body”. The types of plastic surgery that are being performed correlate directly to the ideas of what body image is supposed to look like.
The use of plastic surgery date back to 2,000 B.C. where Egyptians and Indians would practice on warriors injured from battle in order to fix their wounded faces. “In India and Egypt, ancient physicians practiced some of the most rudimentary forms of plastic surgery” (Janelle). With the knowledge obtained from these early surgeries, early doctors began to use their practices
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