Types Of Crime And Violence Against Tourists

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Types of Crime and Violence against Tourists
It is often said by Jamaican government sources that Jamaica has one of the lowest crime rates for tourists in the Caribbean. This is arguable, but not entirely wrong. It is true that there are few reported crimes committed against tourists in Jamaica. According to (OSAC 2016), “most criminal activity is Jamaican-on-Jamaican violence, often involving organized crime elements and gangs, however, these occurrences can impact American visitors.” Tourist areas tend to have low crime rates, however many people deterred from coming to the island because of the negative publicity of crime and violence. According to (Harper, 2001), Tourists are more likely to experience larceny, theft, and robbery,
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According to (Walker, 2012) in 2007, 17 passengers from the Carnival Conquest cruise ship passengers were robbed at gunpoint during a cruise line sponsored excursion after sailing in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
The Canadian Human Rights Commission (2013) defines harassment as, “any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates you.” Harassment has become a perennial problem; which is being frowned upon by the cruise officials as a nuisance to their guests. The cruise shipping market is very intense and there are other competing interests in which Jamaica has to contend with. According to (Pizam and Mansfeld,2005), in destinations like Jamaica, harassment and theft against cruise passengers have become so threatening that cruise lines have withdrawn such stops from their travel plan. Therefore, it is no puzzle that visitor harassment is more widespread in the Caribbean than any major region and that drug peddling is a major aspect of the problem. Tourists are sometimes approached by people who are very insistent that you stop and talk with them or purchase something from them.
Rape/Sexual Assault
Rape is a heinous act performed when one party wishes to exact complete power and control over another. According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN, 2016) rape is forced sexual intercourse and penetration where penetration may be by a body part or an object. In 2015 the Embassy’s consular section receives a report from the police

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