Types Of Cross Curricular Instruction

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Introduction There are several types of cross curricular instruction that teachers can use in today 's classroom. Comprehension strategies are a very important concept in cross curricular instruction. In Chapter 12 of the Birsh text, Eileen Marzola quotes Gough (1996) and Torgesen (1998) to state that "two essential tools required for good reading comprehension are strong general language comprehension and accurate, fluent word-reading skills." Using these skills in different contexts is some time difficult for struggling readers. Struggling students do not always have the ability to know what strategy to use or when it is appropriate to use such strategy. During my time student teaching in first grade, we used several reading concepts that included, "get your mouth ready," or "did it sound right," to teach students to read during guided reading lessons. However, it was difficult for these young readers to use these concepts in different lessons throughout the day.
Parallel Curriculum Integration Cross Curriculum instruction becomes very important for these students. One such method is Parallel Curriculum Integration. In this type of integration, teachers from different subject areas use the same theme. In an elementary classroom, students often experience this approach at learning centers. For a theme such as “patterns,” each learning center has an activity that allows the students to explore patterns from the perspective of one discipline—math, language, science, or
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