Types Of Discrimination And Stigma Around Mental Health

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There are many types of discrimination and stigma around mental health. So damaging, it impacts 63% of individuals living with mental illness alone. Social stigma holds people for believing they can live a fulfilled existence in spite of diagnosis and symptoms of mental illness. The number of studies showing what it’s called “diagnostic overshadowing” that is, over attributing a patient’s symptoms of a particular condition, in many cases, it means the medical morbidity of being undiagnosed and untreated is rising. This trend presents alarming numbers, making us, the sufferers, sicker and self-conscious of our own efforts to live a “normal life”. I have experienced stigma in its many forms: social, perceived, and self-stigma. But I was…show more content…
This time, though, everything felt different. As soon as we arrived at her office, a dry greeting with a touch of indifference was enough reason to ignite my anxiety. I realized she was upset about me being late for my appointment. Confused, I corroborated to her the time of our meeting since her first statement was not truthful; I 'd arrived early for my appointment as usual. None of that matter, she argued emphasizing “because you’re late, I have to say sorry to my other patients for not meeting in time,” Her dark eyes followed my movements, the atmosphere felt dense and unpleasant. As a patient struggling with anxiety and depression among other disorders, being trapped in a room building trust with a professional should be able to understand my most inner thoughts and fears; if the bridge of trust doesn’t lay a strong foundation, in this case my mental, emotional and physical health, it ignites a sudden paranoia in me. It is extremely important to trust a psychiatrist and work together as a team. She became curious about the color of my hair (A very intense crimson red hair). “Mmm, do you like that color on your hair?” Yes, I love red hair. “But tell me, why red? Does it symbolize anything to you?” No, I like red, I said bluntly. She smirked while examining my clothing, my purse, my boots and my overall appearance with no shame writing God knows what on her notes. There I was wondering what the fuck her problem is. After a painful silence, she
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