Types Of Diversion Programs Currently Used

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Please email your instructor answering the following questions: 1. Describe the types of diversion programs currently used. Diversion programs are a deferment of the criminal process, where offenders can participate in community-based treatment programs. Typically, diversion programs are used with juvenile first time offenders. However, there is also an adult diversion program, which is available to first time offenders only. Such programs include, drug rehabilitation, which involves those with alcohol and drugs related offenses and mandates offenders to complete a quantity of hours in alcohol/drug classes, or those with domestic violence charges which requires those offenders to compete certain amount of hours in domestic violence and anger management classes. Additionally, there is a mental health diversion for those who have mental health issues and diverts them from the criminal justice system to appropriate mental health care/treatment. 2. List five purposes of the presentence investigation. Probation officers complete a presentence investigation and submit a presentence report to the court; this report assists judges in making decisions involving sentences. According to Steverson (2012) there are five functions of the PSI: 1. to assist judges reaching an appropriate sentence; 2. it provides probation staff with a detailed summary of risks and needs, allowing determination of appropriate levels and types of supervision, i.e. home, office, phone, as well as other
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