Types Of Ethical Approaches For A Business Interaction

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The Different Types of Ethical Approaches For a Business Interaction “Ethics are the set of beliefs about right and wrong behavior in a society.” Ethics have become paramount to many parts of a business including how to handle certain employee disagreements, or make business decisions. Everyone in a business setting would benefit from understanding the different ethical approaches or ideals that individuals can have in any setting. This will make it easier to recognize what drives a person’s ideals about right and wrong behaviors or actions. I have chosen three ethical viewpoints to analyze, and picked the one that best fit in my viewpoint for a manager to decide on what to do about an employee inquiring about layoffs. Utilitarianism or utilitarian ethical approach focuses on the idea. That the best moral choice in any position is the one producing the most benefits for all involved, and the least damage. Basically, it requires weighing the outcomes of each scenario to establish the one that will create the most advantages over disadvantages. This approach can be beneficial for the interest concentrating on all the individuals in the moment. Instead of, the self-interest of one person, and it tries to pick the option that will do the most overall good. The downside is trying to place value on one thing over the other. How can you decide the difference in value for all aspects of the situation? So, if lying achieves the most benefits for everyone. Does that now mean you
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