Types Of Fraud And The Healthcare Industry

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TYPES OF FRAUD Healthcare fraud is costly for everybody, as it harms the reputation of the institution or physician committing it, and financially damages the patient being affected.By definition fraud may be defined as intentionally employing surprise, trickery, cunning, deception and unfair ways by which one party cheats another party out of financial resources. In order to educate a healthcare manager regarding fraud , many aspects of fraud must be assessed. This includes the types of fraud, the consequences that come with fraud,the individual(s) committing them, techniques to prevent fraud, and why the healthcare industry is vulnerable to fraud. As the healthcare industry begins to expand its horizons, by featuring more staff and patients, the types of frauds that are committed also rise in number and complexity. One of the many consequences that derives from fraud within the healthcare system includes an increase in the cost of healthcare itself. In order to limit and analyze fraud that encompasses the entirety of the healthcare industry, it is necessary to assess the different types of frauds and in doing so also understand the method of reimbursement involving the professionals and members of the health care industry. Since a majority of these reimbursements are paid by insurances or through government programs, a program known as coding was created in order to organize and properly pay off these reimbursements(Marilyn Price, Donna Norris, 2009). One of the many
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