Types Of Government By Thomas Hobbes Essay

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Madison McMurray Mrs. Sauter World History/Block D 14 December 2014 Types of Government Through our studies, we have ventured to find innumerable varying beliefs regarding the duty of the government. Each of these beliefs exposed not only the honest beliefs of those who directly fought but also the beliefs of many who were or felt voiceless. In truth, there is no correct way to run a government but our ideas have most definitely progressed due to all of these widely shared ideas. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Karl Marx both provide very different, opposing views of the government. The beliefs from each political figure stood to get them into tough situations and often punished. Their passion in each of their writings proved to create such controversy and provoke thought, making these writings so important. Thomas Hobbes employed that human beings were naturally cruel beasts, in need of harsh, strict civilization from the government. Each of his arguments in Leviathan mainly stemmed from this belief. If not fully controlled, the people would act on their vicious instincts. Hobbes fought each thing that may have suggested slight violence was an act of pure evil human for example, the need to lock a door or carry arms, which he explains in one of his writings. In the quote provided, he even explains the importance of imposing such “power and strength” onto others in order to prevent such malicious behavior. A specific idea of his was titled the “social contract,” in which
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