Types Of Graffiti : A Positive Or Negative Way

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Ottilie Cooper-Ohm
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October 20, 2015
Types of Graffiti
Whether it’s in a positive or negative way, it is clear that graffiti has a large impact on today’s society. However, the majority of people have little to no knowledge about this emerging art form that surrounds them. Graffiti comes in a multitude of different styles and formats, from the quotes and numbers that constantly pop up inside bathroom stalls and on school desks to works of art that encompass entire buildings. This essay provides a concise overview of the prominent categories of graffiti: tags, stencil, wildstyle, blockbusters, heaven, and pieces.
Primarily first name based, tags are the most common type of graffiti. These are what you would typically see scribbled on train cars and bridges on your daily commute. Tags are typically done in a single color, and are quick enough to create that they can be made in a matter of seconds. They consist mainly of names or nicknames, or a short phrase. A good example of a tag was the American pop culture fad, known as “Kilroy was here”, a simple drawing of a bald man with a prominent nose peering over a wall accompanied by the phrase Kilroy was here, which quickly became an amusing icon because of it’s ability to pop up anywhere. 2. Stencil Stencils are complicated works of graffiti more similar to paintings, made simple with the use of a thick sheet of cardboard cut into a stencil. They achieve the appearance of paintings with only…
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