Types Of Ideologies And Practices For Successful Project Managing

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Part One During the course I learned various types of ideologies and practices for successful project managing. I may not be an expert, although I feel more knowledgeable and aware of how to manage projects effectively. There were six areas of project managing that I found to be very crucial to the success of completing projects and managing teams. The Priority: It was a tremendous eye opener, learning about how to prioritize the task within a team. I am completely guilty of usually wanting to knock out the easiest task first and save the challenging task for last. I learned the importance of tackling the easy projects last, consequently they do not require using up valuable resources and time. Projects that we are not familiar with or…show more content…
Due to the nature of my job in the military, I often need more information than was provided to me. Why would I possess a top-secret clearance, if I am not worthy of information that is crucial to the mission. The military on occasion has that mentality that you are on a need to know basis. The reality is that it is their way of manipulating and controlling the mission. Experiencing this on a daily basis was extremely aggravating. I would have been more empathetic and better prepared for the task if I was provided all the information instead of receiving small pieces along the way. Managing task: I have always heard about the fifteen-minute stand up meetings throughout my business courses. I have never had a project leader or manager that utilizes a stand up meeting in the beginning of the day or shift. Devin Dean explains how you can manage your team’s task daily without micromanaging. I agree you should review your project schedule daily to ensure that there is no surprises. The stand up meetings are a great way of keeping people on track and informed. I thought it was undoubtedly interesting that he brings up a valid issue with checking in with team members using email or phone calls. This gives the person the ability to blow you off or say what needs to be said to draw you off his back. I agree with Devin since I have had experience blowing off superiors with an email. Checking in on what 's going on throughout your
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