Types Of Indian Religions : Indian Religion

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Types of Indian Religions Throughout the world the universally known Indian religion is Hinduism. However, there are other religions, which no one has heard of such as, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. Most people assume that just because your Indian you have to be Hindu but that’s not necessarily true. Although, these religions come from the same Indian culture they have different views and beliefs. For instance, Sikhism is the newest Indian religion. The religion was created back in 1500 A.D. The founder’s name was Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sikhism religion follows the doctrine of monotheism, which means they believe in one god. Sikhs don’t believe in worshiping statues or images like Hindus do. They speak the language known as Punjabi; it’s a combination of Persian and Gurumukhi. The majority of the Sikh communities live in a small state in India known as Punjab. Their values are to always remember god, live an honest living, and give to the less fortunate. The Sikhs belief is that there is only one god who created the universe and humanity and that by doing daily prayers you can be connected with god. Also, they believe in reincarnation and that after death you will be reborn again until you have received redemption. The Sikh weddings take place in a temple where a trained priest discloses the wedding vows. In Sikh weddings it’s a custom to complete the wedding ceremony inside a temple. The couple has to go around the holy book four times to complete the wedding. The vows they…
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