Types Of Ionizing Radiation On The Human Body

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TASK 1.1 IONISING RADIOTION Type of ionizing radiation Characteristics of each type of ionizing radiation Alpha particles (a) Alpha is strong ionising, and can be stopped by paper or skin tissue. They are positively charged and have 4 times the mass of a photon Beta particles (B) Beta is electrons and can be found in the nucleus of the atom, beta particles strongly ionize for instances one beta particles will cause 100 insertions. However, it is less damaging to humans Gamma rays (y) Gamma rays are humble at ionizing, however, they are problematic to stop when they are penetrating, Because they are not good ionisers , so they are less damaging to humans Task 1.2 Radiation can be destructive to the human body and explicitly the DNA,…show more content…
Long-lasting effects are much more common.Continuing effects result from fairly low-level exposures over an along period of time. They develop relatively slowly. The main long-lasting health effect of radiation is cancer. When taken inside beta emitters can cause tissue mutilation and increase the risk of cancer. The risk of cancer growths with increasing of the dose.Gamma’s piercing power and ability to travel great distances, it is considered to be the hazard to the human. Other damages include injury to skin for example put the hands where the primary beam, can lead to screening at 20mGy skin dose. The thresehold of transient skin erythema is about 2Gy , another example is damge to the eyes. In hogh dose of radiations can damage the iris and blood vessel of the eyes. Task 2.1 The laser is used in the medical production for analysis and treat certain defects in the body, because the laser beam is so minor and precise, it makes easier for medics to treat tissue without damaging the neighbouring area of the tissue, a laser is used in the following list techniques • Skin surgery • Eye surgery or corneal eye surgery to improve vision • Treating kidney stones • Removing the prostate • Removing tumors Task2.2 When laser beam is exposure to the skin, it may casue phtochemical or thermal burns but it depens on the wavelength. The laser beam may pierce both
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