Types Of Issue And People Impacted

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Type of issue and people impacted We believe that the ethical issue described in the case study is an Ethical Dilemma. This is because there is no perfect solution to the issue. All of the possible outcomes have a negative aspect to them; therefore we will be choosing which outcome is the best option even though none of the outcomes are ideal. Additionally, we are the moral agent and it is our principles that are being violated. The people who are impacted by this ethical issue are himself, his friend (the group members) to whom he is sharing the secret with, his parents and potentially the other person/people involved in the car accident. As well as the medical personnel who have been involved in helping him and other family and friends. Possible approaches and potential outcomes The four possible approaches we came up with are informing his parents of what he has told us or not informing anyone therefore respecting his wishes. As well as, dealing with the issue ourselves by bringing in someone who is also paralyzed to speak to him about their experiences or informing the hospital about what he has told us but not informing his parents. Potential Outcomes: 1. Inform His Parents • His parents could have him admitted into a supervised area of the hospital • His parents could decide not to help their son at all • He could end up committing suicide regardless • His parents could hold an intervention • His parents could tell the hospital therefore attaining access to mental
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