Types Of Language During Hunts

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To hunt effectively a group of hunters must have a type of language to communicate during hunts. The Kebara 2 hyoid bone found in 1989 was studied and found to be anatomically comparable to modern human hyoid bones allowing support for the base of the tongue. The FOXP2 gene found during sequencing the Neanderthal genetics suggested the Neanderthals had the capacity for speech, however the gene does more than allow speech. Finding the hyoid bone was necessary to establish the fact Neanderthals had language because the FOXP2 gene is pleiotropic and could have had other roles in body function other than language. Culture and language are interrelated, culture being taught by language and language is learned through culture. Science has…show more content…
With more robust bodies and the cold climate the early humans and Neanderthals needed more calories. Ellsworth Huntington's theory that various climatic, seasonal and weather conditions have a bearing on human efficiency is proven by the diets because to maintain a body type sufficient to hunt in the glacial weather the early human types show the theory correct (Moran 2016, 30). Steward's cultural ecological approach determines a relationship between subsistence system and the environment (40). The need to know the resources of an area anchors the Neanderthals and AMH to certain areas. To have a better chance of finding enough sustenance, groups were small, egalitarian, and mobile (42). Variations in food supply encouraged visiting and food sharing with guests leading to other behavior patterns affecting culture and interaction with AMH. Julian Steward's theory of social structures and modes of subsistence is a functionalist approach using diachronic approaches could explain the evolution of the Neanderthal culture. The tundra of Europe would have met the dietary needs of both humans and Neanderthals with meat and plant foods encouraging cultural determinism. Changes in foraging could be related to technological complexity (Hoffecker 2005, 61). The Neanderthals had a high incidence of tubers in the diet, according to dental calculus at El Sidron cave (Hardy et al. 2012). Bitter plants not part of the food indicates plants were used for medication. The

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