Types Of Leadership Style Of Disney

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Disney is known as the “Happiest Place in the Earth” and it is the world biggest entertainment organization, it build up its entertainment empire for 89 years ago. The current man behind the magic kingdom is Disney’s CEO Bod Iger, who has lead a dramatic revitalization of the Disney brand since the ex CEO Michael Eisner. The different in leadership style between this two managers of Disney having different type of outcome to the Disney. Leadership is about influencing, motivating, and enabling others to contribute toward the success of the organization. Although there is the same objective for leadership but the way that leader use can be different. For Disney, the Ex- manager, Michael Eisner was using the monarchic corporate style while the current CEO, Robert Iger is changing the…show more content…
Iger. Before the Michael Eisner become the CEO, Disney had experienced the tough in performance and faced several unsuccessful under the lead of others manager since the death of the Disney founder, Walt Disney. Michael Eisner help Disney to expand their market and financial performance but in the use of directive leadership style or task-oriented leadership. Task- Oriented Leadership Task-Oriented leadership is the style of leadership which is the leader is more concern on the achievement and performance of worker rather than the feeling and need of worker. Under the lead of Michael Eisner, the performance of Disney is being maximize and the stock price of the company is keep increase and increase. It make the shareholder become happier but the worker of Disney are not being concern. This type of leadership is misaligned with the sense of Disney that bring to publicity which is “The Happiest Place in the Earth”. Disney should not only bring happy to the customer but also they need to make sure the happiness within their organization especially their
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