Types Of Luxury Consumers By Robert Frank

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Based on the article “Types of Luxury Consumers” written by Robert Frank, the issue that arise is the consumers often spend lavishly to communicate wealth and status to those around them. Peoples nowadays believe that having an expensive well-known items will gives them a high social status. This kind of mind set has made a lot of consumers to have a collection of branded things. The author’s point of view is about the theory of luxury lifestyles among luxury consumers. The author also states an argument on a revealed twist in the conventional wisdom surrounding product iconography and branding. The tone used in the article is neutral which is objective as he simply stating the fact and do not influence by emotion or personal opinion. His targeted…show more content…
The supporting detail is credible since the author use possibility word “if” to deliver his opinion regarding the brand logo. But, the argument is not complete as there is no any counter-argument stated. Thus, the argument is valid due the examples stated. The author generally to be deductive in his reasoning as he provides all the support. An example of deductive reasoning is based on paragraph I which is stated with the major premise that buyers always spend in a sumptuously rich in order to show their wealth and status to the other people. Then the author states the minor premise which is higher value items have more explicit branding meanwhile the low-end products have fewer explicit markers. The author also mention a stated main idea in the article. An example of stated main idea is based on paragraph IV, “The study identified several types of consumers according to their preference for ‘loud’ goods with prominently placed brand logos versus ‘quiet’ goods.” Then, an assumption also can be made based on paragraph VII, the author is trying to tell manufacturers only care about their targeted-possible customers only and being bias with the other
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