Types Of Major Depressive Disorder

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Major Depressive Disorder, to me, was a mental disease that meant you were sad. Before learning about it in class, I believed it meant crying, and staying in bed all day. I did not know why it happened, or think there was any connection with it and biology. I witnessed multiple people look down at the disorder as a sign of weakness. As I socialized with these individuals, I found myself connecting what they said to the disorder. I, personally, did not believe it to be a sign of weakness but because I knew others did, that’s what came to mind. Apparently, it was also a poor man’s disease. I had a friend who did not believe that privileged people were allowed to be depressed. I was exposed to a lot of the stigma that comes with mental illness. Unfortunately, that clouded my contact with the reality of the disorder. Through reading on the disorder, and the psychology classes I have taken, I was able to push past the stigma and what I was socialized to believe. I disregard the saying that it’s just a sign of weakness, and people just need to get over it. I learned that anyone can be affected by the disorder, even someone who is privileged, and lives a comfortable life. It is not always an environmental/sociocultural cause, but can be a more chemical/biological response. This definitely reinforced my disapproval of the stigma on major depressive disorder and encouraged me to fight against it.
According to the DSM-5, a major depressive disorder is being in a depressed/sad mood for…
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