Types Of Management Within An Organization

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There are several types of management typically in an organization. The “Organizational Pyramid” is used to demonstrate the chain of command, and usually starts from the top working its way down. . Upper-Level Management usually consists of the Chief Executive Officer; also known as the CEO, owner of the company, or Vice President. Subsequent to the CEO is Middle-Level Management which includes Functional Managers, Product Line Mangers, Department Heads, and Region Managers. The next line of managers would include Lower-Level Management commonly known as First-line Supervisors, and thereafter you have the non-managerial employees. All the managers in the chain of command are obligated to work together to achieve organizational goals…show more content…
Middle-Level managers include functional managers, product-line managers, department heads, and store manager. Their responsibilities include planning from six months to two years, Logistical and operational decisions, budget decisions, facilities planning, staffing and human resource decisions, and handling isolated crises. Lower- Level Mangers are generally the lowest level of the pyramid. This includes Unit manager, Branch manager, Department Supervisors, First-Line supervisor, Shift manager, Team Leader, and Project Manager. Lower-Level Managers responsibilities include operational planning one week to one year, meeting production goals, customer service responsibilities, coordinating staffing and work schedules, personnel and job-assignments decisions, organized training and orientation, building team moral by introducing team activities, purchasing products, inventory control, day to day crisis management, enforcing job safety policies, rules and regulations. Non-managerial employees are the individuals who perform the actual organizational duties. As the pyramid goes down it appears the operational duties are Mid-Level Management’s responsibility while the administrative duties are executed by the Upper-Level Management. Mid-Level manager are generally the managers that work day to day with non-managerial employees while reporting to Upper-Level Management and
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