Types Of Materials And Archaeological Sites

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1) What is archaeology? What are the types of materials found in archaeological sites? For this question, outline and discuss the various types of materials and how archaeologists survey, excavate, and analyze what they find in sites. Be sure to discuss at least two survey methods and two excavation techniques. Archaeology can be defined as a subdiscipline of anthropology involving the study of the human past through its materials. To fully understand what archaeology is and what it entails, one must know a bit about anthropology. Anthropology in the most general sense is the study of our humanity. Examples include physical or biological anthropology, cultural, linguistic, and finally archaeology. Archaeologists use different types of material, artifacts, and remains found on earth to find out ancient civilization culture. Biblical archaeologists work in a lot of the same ways as the anthropological archaeologists, but with reference to events set out in the Bible. Archaeology has some aspects in common with both history and with science. Archaeologist’s main goals are concerned with documenting and understanding the human past, like I previously stated, but they operate in a time frame much larger than the period studied by historians. Archaeologists spend a lot of their time studying artifacts and buildings, but they also study humans, plants, animals, and work to classify these things into different types of categories. An
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