Types Of Metering Components Manufacturing

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Background ModMeters is a company whose core business is all types of metering components manufacturing. They are highly specialized and had great demand for their products from a variety of customers like utility companies, Manufacturers. It was originally founded as Modern Meters and has steadily grown as the demand for metering components grow in the past century. John Johnson, CEO of ModMeters presents their strategic plans in a meeting. He wants the opinion from the IT, Marketing and sales teams on how they are going to support the new strategic initiatives. Brian Smith, CIO of ModMeters in a different meeting presents to the other executives of the organization on the problems that the IT team is facing with the kind of budget that is allocated to them. The CFO, Stan Abrams always keeps the budget very low on the IT department. Brian also explains that the budget allocated every year is spent on all the Keep The Lights On (KTLO) and Maintenance projects and the scope for new initiatives is very low as the budget is not sufficient for it. Sometime the projects have been taken up because of the audit regulation from the outsiders or competitors. Brian says until now IT projects have been taken up on the basis of ROI but now we need to change the strategy for IT budget allocation which enables them to support the new strategic initiatives. Brian tries to convince the board members and the CFO on the need for increasing the IT budget. He points two things here, first
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