Types Of Misrepresentation Of Chinese Kung-Fu In China

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Nowadays, some chinese culture are misrepresented by people in other countries.In the essay,I will talk about three kinds of misrepresentation of Chinese culture.
Due to the movie montage and some exaggerated shooting techniques, some foreigners have a deep misunderstanding of Chinese Kung-Fu (like Kung-Fu dodge and the internal strength).
However, the essence of Chinese martial arts is to move as much in order to keep fit and keep calm. People who practice the martial arts, naturally have more strength and good at fighting. But all these achievements were based on the perennial hard work. It’s ridiculous to consider using a few days to learn Chinese Kung Fu.
When I talked with my American friends, the most common answers I get are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Kungfu. Honestly, kung fu is such a mysterious thing to me.
The representation of Kung Fu in China has a large difference from those in the US movies. We call it the type of martial arts “Wu Shu”(Wu refers to martial arts;Shu means a hero).
Because I grew up with a lot of martial arts novels, I was glad meet a martial arts artist called Christopher Pei who was the first Kung Fu artist I have ever seen.
The first thing master Pei told me was Kung Fu's misunderstanding of martial arts ("martial arts" or "discipline",an exhibition of traditional Chinese martial arts and all-in-one sports.) To be aware of this fact, I felt a bit disappointed. I believe that Kung Fu is a generation after generation of secrets, only in a

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