Types Of Networks : Local Area Network

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Types of networks: LAN- LAN means Local Area Network. It is a computer network that distances quite a small area. It is mostly restricted to a room or a building etc. WLAN- WLAN means Wireless Local Area Network. It is a wireless version of a LAN. It allows a mobile user to connect to a local area network through a wireless connection. WAN- WAN means Wide Area Network. They are mostly connected through public networks. For example: Telephone systems. It can also be connected through satellites. WAN consists of two or more local area networks. MAN- MAN means Metropolitan Area Network. It’s a network that interrelates users with computer resources in a specific area or a larger region than the amount covered by the LAN and smaller than the WAN. PAN- PAN means Personal Area Network. It is the interconnection of IT devices within a specific range of a person. It is most likely to be a range of 10 metres. This kind of network can become wireless to the internet and other networks. Network topologies: Bus- This is once a private cable joins all of the workstations, digital computer, printer and alternative elements along. At every finish of the bus are some things referred to as a ‘Terminator’ this can be a hardware piece that prevents signals bouncing forward and backwards. It’s simple to put in and to feature additional workstations. Ring- In a ring network layout, all the computers are connected to each another in a circle formation. The data passes
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