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Types of peer review There are different journals which follow different types of peer review, based on the kind of research they publish as well as their journal management style. The single and double-blinded peer reviews are the most commonly adopted by many journals. In the single-blind review, the reviewer is aware of the author’s identity, but not vice versa. In the double-blind review, both the author and reviewer are not aware of the other’s identity. In the recent time, some academic journals have started adopting two other kinds of peer reviews called open and post-publication peer review. In the open review system, the identity of the author and reviewers is known, and this system may allow the comments made by the peer reviewer as well as authors’ responses to be published along with the final version of the manuscript. The post-publication peer review is a relatively new trend adopted by some open access publications in which reviewers evaluate a manuscript after it has been published on an open access platform. At this time, the identity of the author and the reviewer is known (published), and so is the peer review evaluation of the manuscript. This system may allow reviewers to get credit for their reviews (Rajagopalan, 2014). As seen by Ware and Monkman (2008), the double-blind review was the most effective approach appreciated by authors (71%), followed by single-blind (52%), post-publication (37%) and open peer review (26%). Through a deep chronical review

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