Types Of Personality Tests Exist Today

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ISFJ Personality Type Many types of personality tests exist today. The Meyers & Briggs test has been proven valid and reliable by hundreds of studies over the past 40 years (MBTI Basics). My personality type is ISFJ which stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. Learning about my personality type has helped me realize which careers that would be good, the best way for to study, my ability to successfully work on a team and even how my personality type impacts my personal relationships. The description of this personality type seems to be an accurate assessment of my personality The ISFJ personality type is described as a person who is quiet, loyal, cares about how others feel and does not like turmoil. My job history is a very short list with my shortest time of employment being six years. I have been close friends with all of my supervisors. I often think about how a decision will affect those around me before I take any actions on them. The careers examples listed for the ISFJ personality type include positions that interact with people due to the ability to pick up on how others are feeling. The career choice that caught my eye first was administrative assistants. I have been in this career for 20 years and I do love it. I have always said that I am good at this job. The Myers-Briggs test helps me understand why. A couple other career choices that was mentioned were nursing and dental assistants. I am currently working on changing careers to dental
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