Types Of Personality Tests Out There

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There are many types of personality tests out there. Some of them are better than others. These tests are used to help determine the different personality types. Many employers use these tests to help place new employees. They also use them to help determine if an employee will work out or not. It can be important to know your own personality type. Understanding how you learn and what type of jobs might be best for you can be very helpful in your own life. Many employers use tests like the one found on the personality page website. One of their goals is to find employees with the best personality for the job. Using these tests can save a company a lot of time and effort when hiring new employees. For example, “Overnight Transportation in Atlanta found that using such tests reduced their on- the-job delinquency by 50%–100%” (Livingston, p. 54). This is a huge drop saves them so much time and money by hiring more reliable people. Though there are some downsides to these personality tests by employers. To get the most accurate assessment you have to be honest when taking the test. When an employer is looking for the best personality for the job a perspective employee has motives not to be honest. “A complicating factor is that people filling out the survey do not have a strong incentive to be honest. In fact, they have a greater incentive to guess what the job requires and answer the questions in a way they think the company is looking for” (Livingston, p. 55). This is
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