Types Of Radiation That Can Bring About Occupational Exposure

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There are three types of radiation that can bring about occupational exposure. Alpha radiation can be stopped by something as thin as a piece of paper or one’s hand (BBC, 2014). Those at risk for this exposure are those who install and maintain smoke detectors, which use Americium-241. In this mechanism, an electron current interrupts smoke particles, causing the alarm to trigger when it senses smoke (Bennett, 2017). Radium 226, which is an element that is injected into tumors to battle cancer, can affect radiology technicians and physicians that must come in close contact (Bennett, 2017). Plutonium 238, which no longer used, was used as batteries for pacemakers, leaving surgery personnel vulnerable to its effects (Bennett, 2017).…show more content…
Ability to pass more than paper allows it to measure thickness of substances such as plastic and paint in manufacturing processes (Judge, 2017). Another, more commonly identified source of beta radiation is a sunburn, leaving anyone working in the sun, including construction and landscaping workers (Ward, 2017). Covering potentially exposed area with a protective garment is the best way for either medical workers or those who work outside to guard themselves from exposure. Gamma radiation can only be stopped by thick materials, concrete and lead (BBC, 2014). This type of radiation is mostly used in the medical setting, treating cancer, and used in the sterilization of equipment used in medical settings (BBC, 2014). Radiation used in sterilization of equipment can pass through plastic, rubber, and kill bacteria and viruses (BBC, 2014). Tracers are either eaten or injected. They show where the tracer has built up in body, indicating abnormal areas, possibly cancer or tumors (BBC, 2014). This leaves medical workers being at risk for exposure to these rays, which can lead to genetic mutations long-term. Lead aprons and barrier walls would be the best route to mitigate these types of rays, since they cannot be avoided by these workers. Chlorine is a green colored gas can be fatal if breathed in (Chlorine Safety Data Sheet). Sources of chlorine include

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