Types Of Re Policies On The Growth Of Renewable Energy Sources And Technologies

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Chapter 3- Comparison of RE policies

This chapter will examine the available literature on policies used to encourage the growth of renewable energy sources and technologies. A wide variety of policies have been introduced around the world with differing levels of success. This chapter will look at some of them and discuss whether Scotland should adopt, intensify or even abandon each one.

Research and Development support

Although the majority of research and development funding is generally supplied by the private sector, many countries do employ programs that help to support it.
There are several reasons why such programs may be necessary in order to encourage research and innovation. It may simply be that private investors may have the funds necessary to devote to certain research proposals. Or it could be that the timescale involved in the development of a technology from research stage to launching it into the market is too long for some investors with out seeing a return on their investment. Most likely however investors are put of by the inherent uncertainty that the project will yield any results at all.
Speaking from the perspective of venture capitalists Kenney (2010) writes “Greentech (formerly alternative energy/environment) has a long history of attracting investors with only limited returns….more capital was invested in the Industrial/Energy category than was returned through exits – not a sustainable situation.”
The uncertain nature of long-term research…

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